The Orchid Concept

From your local producer to your door, discover how we deliver our multiple sorts of flowers and bring you happiness.

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  • Anillos de cebolla de queso $9.00

  • Chefs Sopa fresca del día $7.50

  • Carne de vacuno Carpaccio $10.50

Curso principal

  • Filete Mignon 8oz $15.50

  • Granja Amigable Pollo Supremo $15.50

  • Atunes y hamburguesas de salmón $12.00

Our Mission

Deliver flowers to live up to your dedication for your loved ones.

To do so, we collaborate with local producers who care about the environment and cultivate their flowers with love.

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Local Producers

As we use local growers, our flowers last longer and smell better. Just like the event you want to celebrate with flowers!

Bio Flowers

Don't offer pesticides to your beloved one! By choosing our flowers, we guarantee you organic flowers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use 100% recycled materials. We believe the best gifts should also do good for the planet.

There are always flowers
for those who want to see them.